I Did Not Sign Up For This

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December 30, 2020  

Hello, nice to meet you!

December 30, 2020

Hi, we're Carling and Michelle - hosts of the Podcast "I Did Not Sign Up For This".

We've been best friends for over 20 years and have gone through more than our fair share of trauma - but its our friendship and sense of humor that has gotten us through our darkest days.

Carling (she/her) is an event manager by trade, is "fur mom" to five dogs and five cats, and aunt extraordinaire to ten nieces and nephews (or nibblings as she likes to call them).  Carling is a lesbian who accidentally married a man (who ended up being an abusive narcissist) but thankfully escaped that nightmare to find the light at the end of the rainbow.

Michelle (she/her) works in banking as a break from managing a household with her five young kiddos.  Recently widowed, she has had to make some pretty major life changes including moving to a new town, going back to work, and navigate not only her own grief, but her children's grief too.

Podcasting is a way for us to navigate our own trauma through laughter and connect with folks who have their own stories to tell - no topic is off limits! 

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